Fishing for brook trout in Washburn Pond in Woodstock, Oxford County, Maine (June 19, 2021)


The boat launch is narrow and rather shallow.


Washburn Pond covers 6 acres and is located in Woodstock Township in Oxford County, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 11 A1). To reach this pond going north, drive down Redding Road and turn right on Washburn Pond Road right before reaching Sagg Pond. This 0.3 mile-long dirt road ends at Washburn Pond. Although it is rough in spots, the road will accommodate two-wheel drive cars. The pond has an unimproved and rather shallow sandy boat launch. I had to back my trailer about 30 ft. into the water before my boat would finally float off. The launch is also hemmed in by emergent aquatic vegetation on both sides. Hence, space is lacking to park the boat on shore AND back the trailer into the water at the same time. I was glad I brought my hip boots so I could place my boat in the vegetation to the side, back my trailer into the water, and then float the boat onto the trailer.


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