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I'm a devoted four-season freshwater fisherman who chases trout, salmon and bass year-round on Maine's numerous ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. I love ice fishing, open-water fishing, trolling, and fly fishing. I fish from shore, in waders, from my canoe or a powered boat.

Read on if you want to learn more about out-of-the way fishing spots or seek to increase your odds of catching more salmonids or bass.

My motto is "If I fish it, I blog about it!"

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Rainbow trout and brown trout fishing on Kennebunk Pond, Lyman, Maine (December 3, 2016)

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The boat launch on Kennebunk Pond is unimproved and sandy.

The “boat launch” on Kennebunk Pond is unimproved and sandy.

Kennebunk Pond is a 224-acre body of water located in Lyman, Maine (see the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 2 B5). A rough and sandy public boat launch is located off Kennebunk Pond Road at the outlet on the eastern side of the pond. Ample parking is available across from the launch. Be aware that this launch is quite shallow, particularly in the fall when the water level in the pond is low. In my opinion, only hand-carried craft or small motor boats can effectively be put in and retrieved from this spot in late fall. Anything bigger would be problematic, and would require a 4X4 vehicle. This pond was stocked last month with a total of 641 brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout measuring between 12” and 15”. Our goal this morning is to catch some of those fish.



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