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The TOP Ponds Stocked with Brook Trout for the Spring of 2017 in Aroostook County, Maine

This blog identifies the TOP ponds in Aroostook County, Maine that provide the best odds of catching brook trout during the spring of 2017. A pond is considered TOP due to its trout stocking density: all else being equal, the more brook trout that are stocked per acre of pond, the greater the chances of catching those fish! Most of these ponds cover less than 50 acres and are therefore relatively small. Trout activity typically peaks between late April and mid-June, after which the fishing slows down in response to rising surface water temperatures.


With one exception, all the ponds described below are closed to ice fishing. Most were stocked last fall, whereas the rest are stocked once early in the spring or may be stocked several times in April and May. More details are provided in the stocking reports compiled by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. It is recommended to check the regulations about special fishing rules that may apply on these ponds, such as daily bag limits, use of live bait fish, artificial lure requirements, limits on outboard engine size, etc. Note also that the list of TOP brook trout ponds excludes “kids-only” ponds.


The TOP ponds stocked with brook trout for this spring in Aroostook County are listed below in alphabetical order:

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