Fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass on Long Pond in Parsonsfield, York County, Maine


It is fun to troll through the early-morning fog.


Long Pond is a 275-acre body of water located in Parsonsfield, York County, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 4 D2). Access to this pond is via a hard but poorly maintained and steeply inclined boat launch located on Road Between the Ponds, off Joe Berry Road. Note that the launch is at a 90° angle (i.e., perpendicular) to the narrow Road between the Ponds which therefore requires a tight turn when backing the boat into the water. Fortunately, this road only has light local traffic. Also, keep in mind that the depth at the launch is shallow (< 2 ft.) for 25-30 ft. out. I am glad I brought my hip boots to get into the water at the end of the trip and help guide the boat back on the trailer.


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