Fishing for rainbow trout on Little Pond in Wells, York County, Maine (October 9, 2021)


The launch is spacious and unimproved but can readily accommodate small trailered boats. Keep in mind that engines over six horse power are not allowed on this pond.


Little Pond (a.k.a Ell or L Pond) is an 32-acre body of water located in Wells, York County, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 2 D4). The public access point is found at the very end of Ell Pond Road (off Horace Mills Road) down a short (200 ft.) drivable dirt road. The launch is unimproved but spacious, and can accommodate small trailered boats. Plenty of parking is available along the sides of the access point. Keep in mind that boats with engines above six horsepower are not allowed on this pond.

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