The TOP trout fishing ponds for the spring of 2016 in southern New Jersey

This blog identifies the ponds in southern New Jersey that provide the best odds of catching trout during the spring of 2016. For the purpose of this blog, southern New Jersey covers Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Glouchester, Ocean, and Salem counties. The fishing action on these bodies of water can be fast and furious in the spring. Trout activity typically peaks for three or four weeks between mid-April and mid-May, after which the bite slows down due to rising surface water temperatures.
A pond is considered TOP due to its trout stocking density: everything being equal, the more trout that are stocked per acre of water, the greater the chances of catching those fish!!
Click here for driving directions to these choice fishing spots. Click here for details on actual stocking days. Click here for the latest law book about special fishing regulations that may apply.
The TOP trout ponds for this spring in southern New Jersey are listed below in alphabetical order:

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