Largemouth bass fishing on Pickerel Pond, Limerick, York County, Maine (June 24, 2017)

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The unimproved boat launch at Pickerel Pond can only accommodate small trailered boats.

Pickerel Pond covers 46 acres and is located in Limerick, York County, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 4 E3). A small unimproved boat launch is found by the outlet at the southern end of the pond right off Route 11 (Central Avenue). The substrate by the ramp is sandy and firm but the water level is rather low. Only hand-carried craft and small trailered boat can be dispatched with ease from the ramp. The parking area is rather restricted and can only accommodate 3 or 4 vehicles with trailers. Salvador and I arrive at the launch at 10 am, eager to wet our lines. The sky is mostly overcast with air temperatures in the mid to high 70’s. It feels muggy and we have to face a stiff breeze blowing in from the northwest.




The largemouth bass habitat on Pickerel Pond is limited



Pickerel Pond is fully developed, with several dozen houses and camps lining its entire shoreline, which takes away any sense of “remoteness”. The pond has the rough shape of a tadpole, with a large “head” facing northwest to which is attached a long narrow “tail” which ends at the launch. This body of water is quite shallow, with a maximum and average depth of 16 ft and 9 ft, respectively. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information. The bass-holding habitat is rather marginal. We observed few fallen trees or sunken branches, and only a handful of lily pads. The available boat docks also offered limited hiding spots. Except for the island (see below), the bass-holding habitat consists of bushes growing along the shoreline that lean over the pond and provide shallow-water ambush locations. The bass fishing rules fall under the general fishing laws for inland waters, i.e., a daily bag limit of two fish with a minimum length limit of 10”, with only one of the keeper fish allowed to exceed 14”.



At last, Salvador lands a largemouth bass!

After leaving the launch, Salvador and I immediately motor all the way up to the other end of Pickerel Pond in order to let the stiff breeze blow us back downwind. I notice that my electric engine is weak; the battery, which I thought was fully charged, is in fact nearly drained. Shoot, there goes my fine control of the boat. We spend the first hour fishing around the island at the upper end of the pond. The north-facing part of the island looks promising, with 4-5 ft of water, plenty of submerged vegetation, and holding habitat along the shoreline created by overhanging bushes. We pound the area with 5” soft stick baits and buzz baits. We get several bites, one hook-up, but no fish in the boat. This is not looking promising… We head towards the northern shoreline of the pond after an hour fishing around the island. With a few notable exceptions, the general habitat along that shoreline is marginal. An additional hour of fishing our way back to the boat launch yields one 15” largemouth for Salvador but nothing for me, not even a nibble. We’ve had enough and decide to check out a different lake due to our poor fishing success at this location.



The results: Salvador landed one 15” largemouth bass and I was skunked in 2 hours of non-stop fishing.


Where are those bass hiding??


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