Largemouth bass fishing on Black Pond in Porter, Maine (August 30, 2014)

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View of Black Pond from the boat launch. Note the dense lily pads.

View of Black Pond from the boat launch. Note the dense lily pads.

Black Pond is a 50-acre body of water located in Porter, Maine (see the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 4 D2). Drive north on School Street from Route 160/25 in South Hiram. The name of this road changes to Spec Pond Road at some point before it weaves between the two Spectacle Ponds. Regardless, stay on this road until you pass house number 413 on the left. Several 100 ft beyond (and after driving 2.5 miles from Route 160/25) turn left on Old Meetinghouse Road. Beware that the street marker for this road is missing and it is therefore easy to drive right by it. The pond will appear on the left after 0.6 miles. A hard boat launch is located about 100 ft past the two big culverts that run underneath the road. The launch is tight but can accommodate a trailered boat. Parking is limited along the unimproved shoulders of the road.






General view of Black Pond. She's a real beauty!

General view of Black Pond. She’s a real beauty!



Here’s another one of those hidden largemouth bass fishing gems which dot southern Maine. Black Pond is a highly-sophisticated bass-manufacturing machine! The pond is a shallow impoundment with a maximum depth of 10 ft and a mean depth of 5 ft. It boasts over two dozen islands which consist mostly of small muddy submerged plateaus overgrown with aquatic bushes which provide limitless hiding habitat. Much of the surface area of the pond also supports a rich collection of submerged, floating and emergent plant life. The surface water is only lightly stained which is somewhat surprising given the high organic content of this pond. The substrate consists of sandy gravel over which sits a thick layer of organic muck. The tortuous shoreline of the pond itself, together with the large amount of “shoreline” associated with the numerous islands make it so that one could literally spend several days fishing this 50-acre pond full time without getting to the end of it. It is that complex and beautiful! The area surrounding Black Pond is just as pleasing, consisting of forested hills. The overall atmosphere is “remote” with only one house visible from the water. I also did not see a single dock, which adds to the general agreeableness of the place. The bass fishing rules fall under the General Law provisions. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information.


This big boy almost got away...

This big boy almost got away…

I arrive at Black Pond with my 11-year nephew Christian at around 11 am. The weather is sunny and accompanied by a stiff northwest breeze which keeps the bugs away. We put my canoe in and paddle across the large expanse of lily pads towards the islands. We focus our attention along the southern shore which still has a thin shadow line. I probe numerous nooks and crannies using my white buzzbait and Christian uses a 5” purple flecked soft stickbait. Somewhat to my surprise, my loud lure does not result in any strikes over 30 minutes of use. Mmm, that’s unexpected because we’re fishing in bass heaven and I’m just smitten with the quality of the habitat that surrounds us. The wind is also constantly shifting around which makes maintaining proper boat position a real challenge. Christian meanwhile lands two smallish largemouth bass. I’m underwhelmed by their size: 11” and 13”, but at least the soft stickbait is working, even though it’s constantly getting fouled up with plants. I switch to a 5” brown stickbait myself and soon land two bass; both are also small. There’s got to be bigger ones in here! At one point, my stickbait gets stuck on submerged plants for the umpteenth time. I gently try to nudge it loose but it doesn’t budge, and then I see it, imperceptibly at first before it becomes obvious: my line is moving! I immediately set the hook, which results in several strong runs that rip plenty of line of my reel. Holy mackerel, I’ve got a huge fish!!! Unusually, the bass stays low; I don’t know what I have at the other end for about 2 minutes and fear that the fish will unhook before I’ll have a good look at him. The beast finally surfaces and Christian and I are all excited. The fish measures in at 21.5” and weighs close to 6 lbs! It has a huge mouth but was also only lightly hooked in the lip. This was a close call… We continue fishing for another 30 minutes and each catch an additional two bass, but these ones are again on the small side.


A long shoreline, many small islands, shallow water and plenty of aquatic vegetation = largemouth bass heaven!

A long shoreline, many small islands, shallow water and plenty of aquatic vegetation = largemouth bass heaven!

Black Pond is one fantastic find and a sure keeper. I highly recommend spending quality time on this body of water. I also don’t believe that catching that 6 pounder was an isolated event. Given the overall quality of the habitat, I’m convinced that many more lunkers lurk in its depths. It’s just a matter of going out there and catching them : )







The results: We fished for 1.5 hours; Christian caught 4 largemouth bass ranging between 11” and 14”, and I caught 5 largemouth bass in the same size range except for the 6 lb-hog.


Was the information in this blog useful? I invite you to share your thoughts and opinions. Also, feel free to discuss your fishing experiences at this location.


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