Brook trout fishing on Daicey Pond, Baxter State Park, Maine (May 26, 2017)

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General view of Daicey Pond under a gloomy sky

Daicey Pond covers 38 acres and is located at the end of a good gravel road off the Park Tote Road in Baxter State Park [BSP] (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 50 D4). The turn-off from the Park Tote Road is clearly marked with a large sign and is located about 10 miles from the southern entrance to the park (Togue Pond Gate). Most people who visit BSP do not know of the secret which is hiding in plain view at Daicey Pond, namely the presence of ten rustic log cabins that can be rented from BSP for a very reasonable fee. Several canoes stored by the pond are also available for rent for $1/hour. Payment is based on an honor system; the payment box is located at the nearby ranger station. This pond cannot be fished from shore, so make sure to bring your own craft or a bunch of dollar bills to rent one.



The first brookie out of Daicey Pond



Daicey Pond provides a gorgeous setting, with several mountain peaks as a backdrop, including Mount Katahdin. The surrounding area is completely forested. However, keep in mind that one cannot experience a true “remote” feeling at this location due to the ten log cabins, the cars parked nearby, the general hustle and bustle of the place, and the easy access to the water. On the other hand, the pond provides outstanding trout habitat. The water is crystal clear. The shallows along some of the shoreline consist of extensive submerged boulder fields that quickly drop into deeper offshore water. The pond has a mean and maximum depth of 10 ft and 26 ft, respectively. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information. This water body also supports a robust native brook trout population. The rules are strict in order to protect this outstanding fishery. General fishing laws apply, except that: (a) the pond is closed to ice fishing, (b) only fly fishing is allowed (i.e., no trolling, no live or dead bait, no hard lures), (c) the daily bag limit is two trout, (d) only one of those trout may exceed 14”, and (e) motorboats or outboard motors are prohibited on the water.


Come to daddy!

It’s been raining hard all morning long. The rain turns to drizzle by noon and stops altogether in the early afternoon. The sky remains completely overcast with a low dark cloud deck. The air temperature is in the low 50’s but the wind is calm. I grab one of the rental canoes and paddle off at 2 pm. I reach the shoreline opposite from the launch area and am immediately impressed by the trout-holding habitat. I fan-cast a small Mickey Fin streamer fly attached to a sinking tip line. To my chagrin, I do not get a single hit in that general area after an hour of intensive fishing. I paddle off in search of something better and settle on an area 5 to 10 ft deep sprinkled with large submerged boulders. I also switch to a larger Mikey Fin streamer fly.



What a beautiful fish!

I cast along one of the boulders and finally hook my first Daicey Pond native brookie! This one is healthy and a spirited fighter. I get a second hit five minutes later, but without a hook-up. I immediately cast the streamer fly out in the same direction and hook the fish. Great, I’m on to something! Unfortunately, the commotion spooks the rest of the fish in the area and the bite stops. I paddle away and settle on a different stretch of bouldery shoreline where I catch my third brookie. This pond is a definite keeper. Even though several other people were also on the water with me, the fly fishing action, the lack of engine noise, and the spectacular natural surroundings makes the experience peaceful and enjoyable. I highly recommend renting a cabin on Daicey Pond for a few days to provide the time and space needed to explore this water body and the numerous isolated trout ponds in the surrounding region of BSP. It’s a real treat for the soul!




The results: I caught three 12” to 14″ native brook trout in three hours of peaceful fly fishing.


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