Largemouth bass fishing on Boyd Pond, Limington, Maine (July 28, 2012)

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View of dense lilypad beds on Boyd Pond

Boyd Pond is located on the north side of Mill Turn Road, about 0.2 miles east of Route 117 in Limington (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 4 E4). The edges of this 26-acre pond (maximum depth = 19 ft) are completely surrounded by wide, dense beds of lily pads. The surface water is lightly stained. The shoreline is mostly wooded and only one house is visible from the pond.






The outlet of Boyd Pond by Millturn Road

The outlet of Boyd Pond by Millturn Road

Access to Boyd Pond is via the outlet that flows underneath Mill Turn Road. The outlet is narrow, weed choked and shallow (< 2 ft) and will only accommodate small hand-carried craft. A boat ramp is not available. The pond itself is about 300-400 ft further up from the road. A large paved area right next to the outlet allows fire trucks to pump water from the outlet into their tanks. Don’t park in that area because you will likely be towed. Instead, leave your car on the shoulder of the road next to the paved area.




View across Boyd Pond

I start fishing at 6:45 pm. The sun is hidden behind a dense cloud cover and it’s essentially wind still, but it is hot and humid and the bugs are out in force (note: the pictures of Boyd Pond shown in this blog were taken on a different day) … I cast a 5” purple-colored soft stickbait with a bright yellow tail by the lily pads along the shoreline. I like fishing this bait “wacky-style” because the hook stays exposed, which makes it easier to hook fish. The flip side is that I have to be mindful of where I cast in order not to constantly get stuck in weeds.




View along the shoreline of Boyd Pond

I catch a small (11”) largemouth bass on my third cast. That’s a good sign! I slowly paddle up the pond using the same technique and catch another three small bass (12″-13”) in the next 30 minutes. There’s definitely an evening bite going on, even though the size of the fish isn’t spectacular. It starts drizzling by about 7:30 pm and I notice that the fish stop biting. I catch the biggest bass of the evening (14”) 10 minutes later, and then nothing more. I try a plastic frog, a buzzbait, a Little Torpedo, a different-colored soft stickbait, but the fish steadfastly refuse all my offers. The drizzle intensifies and I decide to call it an evening. I’m happy with the results, though, considering that it’s the first time that I fish this pond.


The results: four largemouth bass (largest = 14″) in 1.5 hours of fishing.


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