Fishing for brook trout on Sewell Pond in Arrowsic, Sagadahoc County, Maine (November 27, 2020)

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Sewell Pond (also spelled “Sewall Pond”) is a 43-acre body of water located in the town of Arrowsic in Sagadahoc County, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 6 C5). The public access point to the pond is located right next to Route 127. Parking is along the shoulder of the road or by a small dirt pull-up right by the access point.


View of the forested shoreline across Sewell Pond opposite the public access point


Sewell Pond is mostly undeveloped, with only four houses present along its western shore (next to Route 127). The rest of the shoreline is entirely forested and provides a pleasing sight. What draws me in this morning is the fact that the state stocked the pond on November 16, 2020 with 400 13″ brook trout, which yields a respectable nine one-pound fish per acre. These fish are my target! General fishing law applies at this location even during the fall, meaning that trout can be caught using all legal means, and can be kept under the applicable daily bag limit rule. The pond is also shallow, with a maximum and average depth of 11 ft and 9 ft, respectively. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information. Keep in mind that this location is quite popular with local anglers in the fall because of easy access, ability to fish without waders (see further below), and the opportunity to harvest up to two trout.


I arrive at Sewell Pond at 9:45 am. The air temperature is a cool 40°F, it is wind still, and the sky is totally overcast. I layer up to stay warm, don my waders, grab my ultra-light spinning rod, and walk towards the water. Two guys are fishing from shore at the access point. I take a minute to chat with them. They tell me that they haven’t hooked a fish yet. One of them shares that his brother-in-law caught a dozen trout from this very spot yesterday afternoon during a rain storm, which is why he’s here today with his buddy. Clearly, the conditions changed drastically overnight and the fish are in a very different mood this morning… I let the two guys be and start wading for several hundred feet along the western shoreline going south. The surface water has a distinct tea color, and the substrate along the shore is quite soft and littered with branches, making it a chore to wade. I slowly work my way up, fan-casting my #2 Mepps spinner but fail to generate a single bite in 45 minutes. That’s quite disappointing. I crawl out of the water and return to the access point by walking along the shoulder of Route 127.


It took a lot of work to catch this fish!


The two anglers are gone by now, so I claim their spot and take the time to systematically cast my spinner around the access point (no waders needed at this particular location). I pay particular attention to the little bay in front of the outlet that goes under the road. That approach finally pays off because I hook and bring in a hard-fighting 13″ male brookie in brilliant spawning colors. None too soon! I bombard that little bay with several dozen more casts but find no additional takers. Two other guys drop by in a canoe to fish the same general area. So, I start wading north, past the outlet, and up the opposite shoreline. I notice that it too is littered with a lot of sunken branches. Twenty five more minutes of fan casting my spinner does not yield another bite. My time on Sewell Pond has run out up and I call it good. The fishing was tough this morning, but the intel I received from the first two anglers confirmed that this pond can be a hot ticket under the right conditions. However, don’t expect a quiet experience: the traffic on nearby Route 127 is continuous and the noise is quite intrusive.


The results: I caught one 13″ brook trout in 1.5 hours of hard fishing.


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