Fishing for brook trout and brown trout on Little Medomak Pond in Waldoboro, Lincoln County, Maine (November 13, 2022)


Look for the yellow milfoil sign to locate the public access point. And, oh yes, the weather sucks!


Little Medomak Pond (a.k.a. Spencer Pond) is a 75-acre body of water located in Waldoboro, Lincoln County, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 13 D5). The public access point is found on the western shore of the pond. To reach this location, drive on Old Augusta Road, turn into Storer Mountain Road and drive for just under one mile until you see the yellow milfoil sign nailed to a tree on your right. Anglers can release a kayak or canoe from this location, but not a trailered boat because the access point lacks any kind of ramp. The nearby road shoulder provides limited parking.


I caught three of the smaller brown trout which are of less interest to me.


Little Medomak Pond is a totally undeveloped and beautiful little lake surrounded by woods and farmland. The State stocked it on November 10, 2022 with 100 12-inch brown trout and 100 13-inch brook trout in preparation for the upcoming ice-fishing season. The latter are my target today. While reviewing the on-line fishing regulations (which is always highly recommended when angling for salmonids in the fall!), I noticed that this pond is not included in the Special Fishing Laws and is therefore fishable under the General Fishing Laws. That is nice because anglers can use any lure or bait and are allowed to keep two trout for the frying pan, even though the vast majority of stocked ponds in the southern half of Maine require the release of all salmonids in the fall. However, beware that while the minimum keeper size for brook trout is only 6 inches, the limit for brown trout is 14 inches. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information.


But it is the brookies that I seek to catch!


I arrive at the access point by 2:30 pm. The weather is dreadful: the air temperature is a breezy and cold 45°F, the sky is lead-grey with a low cloud deck, and it rains non-stop. I layer up, don my waders, and put on my waterproof raincoat. I intend to stay warm and dry regardless of the rain! The State stocked the trout three days earlier, so I expect the fish to still school in the immediate vicinity of the access point. My weapon of choice while wader fishing for trout in the fall consists of an ultra-light spinning rod, a small reel spooled with 6-pound monofilament, and a bronze #2 Mepps spinner. That combination allows me to cast far and wide and enjoy a nice fight. I carefully enter he water by the access point so as not to spook any fish, cast out my spinner, start the retrieve, and immediately hook a little brown trout. I just love it when this happens! It also provides an important signal, namely that the schooling trout have not yet dispersed in search of food. Instead, the fish are swimming around and around in circles, as they have done their whole lives growing up in the hatchery, waiting for food to magically drop out of the sky. The point is to be aware of this behavior in order to take full advantage of it.


Those sparkling spawning colors never disappoint, do they!


I land three brook trout and two more of the smaller brown trout over the next hour. Clearly, the fish are at their post. It also looks like the two species are intermingled in one big but loose school. The beauty is that I have not moved more than 75 ft to the right and left of the access point. The wading at this location is also very much to my liking: the substrate is sandy and firm right by the access point, and a bit softer but still quite wadable in the patches of emergent aquatic vegetation that grow to the right and left of the access point. The water also stays relatively shallow even a little ways out. By now, the rain has intensified and my hands are getting cold. I am satisfied with the results and call it good. I highly recommend Little Medomak Pond for catching trout in the fall while wader fishing. Plus, I had the place all to myself. What is there not to like?


This is the last fish caught. My hands are cold. I am satisfied with the results and leave a happy angler.


The results: I caught 3 brook trout (largest = 14 inches) and three smaller brown trout in one hour of active but wet fishing.


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