Largemouth bass fishing on York Pond, Eliot, Maine (August 24, 2012)

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View of the access point to York Pond

York Pond is located in Eliot (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 1 A3). The access to this body of water is well “hidden”. Directions are as follows: Drive on Route 91 and turn unto York Shore Drive, which leads through a residential development. Turn right on York Pond Road after 0.2 miles. Go to the end by the circle and look for mail box #6. Get on the driveway but make an immediate left on a rough, stony forest road. The access point to the pond is about 700 ft further down on the right. Even though a small trailered boat could be launched, the fishing rule book states that motorboats with internal combustion engines are prohibited on the pond. So, only craft powered by arm juice or an electric motor are allowed on the water.




View of the shoreline of York Pond

View of the shoreline of York Pond



This 45-acre pond (maximum depth of 11 ft) is another hidden gem in southern Maine. It is simply gorgeous!  The shoreline is fringed mostly with small bushes that grow in dense stands all along the water’s edge. The western end of the pond abuts a large marsh. The aquatic vegetation is surprisingly sparse and consists mainly of scattered lily pads. The lack of floating vegetation is probably not a surprise because the pond rapidly gains depth away from the shoreline. The water is also darkly stained. The land around the pond is heavily wooded, with only a handful of houses visible from the water. One truly gets the impression of “remoteness” when fishing this body of water.


Sunset on York Pond

I reach York Pond at 7:00 pm and start fishing the edges of the submerged bushes along the southern shoreline using a 5” soft stickbait. It is wind still, the bugs are quiet, and the sun is setting along the western horizon. I’m thoroughly enjoying my surroundings and the general “atmosphere” of the evening. I catch five largemouth bass over the next 45 minutes but they are all miniscule (8”-10”)! Darkness is quickly settling in and I need to turn around to get back to the launch. I just don’t have the time to continue exploring this beautiful spot. But the big boys are there and I will return at a later date to find their hiding spots!




The results: I caught five tiny largemouth bass (8”-10”) in 45 minutes.    

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One thought on “Largemouth bass fishing on York Pond, Eliot, Maine (August 24, 2012)

  1. I found this pond a couple of years ago, it’s a beautiful place with lots of fish, I have basically given up saltwater fishing because there are actually fish to catch here. I also have another pond I want to take the fishing kayak on, it’s called Scituate Pond which I have honestly not located yet but will this summer.

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