Largemouth bass fishing on Littlefield Pond, Sanford, Maine (August 24, 2012).

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View of the access point to Littlefield Pond from Emmond Road

Littlefield Pond is located in Sanford (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 2 C3). Access to the pond is as follows: drive west on Route 224 (Pleasant Street) into Springvale. Turn right on Payne Street . Cross Beaver Hill Road unto Elm Street. Stay on Elm Street for 0.6 miles before turning left on Littlefield Road. Stay on this road for 0.5 miles before turning right on Emmons Road (a gravel road). The access to the pond is 0.2 miles on the right.






General view of Littlefield Pond

General view of Littlefield Pond



This 19-acre pond (maximum depth of 17 ft) is a beautiful fishing spot located no more than 10 minutes outside of the largest town in York County. Only one house is visible from the pond. Only small, hand-carried craft can be launched from the access point. The pond water is crystal clear. The substrate consists of a mixture of fine material interspersed with numerous large boulders. The surrounding land is entirely wooded. Much of the pond is also ringed with a narrow band of emergent vegetation, interspersed with some lilypads and submerged fallen trees and branches.


View of the aquatic vegetation growing along the shoreline of Littlefield Pond

I reach Littlefield Pond at 4:00 pm and launch my canoe. I use a 5” soft stickbait to fish the weedlines. I’m not doing too well at first: the wind blows stiffly which makes it difficult to control the canoe. The sun is also hidden behind angry-looking storm clouds which spit out a few raindrops but then move on. The fishing becomes more pleasant, and productive, after the wind dies down and the sun reappears from behind the clouds. My first largemouth bass is tiny (10”) but was caught around a sunken branch. I focus my attention on that type of structure and land two more largemouth bass (both measure about 14”) in the next 30 minutes. I’d like to stay but I have to move on to the next pond on my list. This one, however, is a real winner and a keeper!



The results: I caught 3 largemouth bass (largest 14”) in 1 hour.   


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