Largemouth bass fishing on Moose Pond, Acton, Maine (August 11, 2012)

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View of the access point to Moose Pond from H Road

Moose Pond is located right off H Road in Acton (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 2 A1). Access to the pond is via a rough boat launch visible from H Road. The launch, which is located by the outlet, could accommodate small trailered boats. A small wooden plaque affixed to a nearby tree states that motorboats are not allowed on the pond. However, a review of the ME Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife fishing rule book does not state that engines are forbidden. Hence, it appears that the plaque may reflect the views of local homeowners. Moose pond is a real beauty! It covers 27 acres and has a maximum depth of 20 ft. The substrate consists of coarse sand, rubble, and boulders. The water column is crystal clear and stays oxygenated throughout the summer. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information.




Sparse vegetation is found to the left of the access point on Moose Pond

Sparse vegetation to the left of the access point on Moose Pond



Sparse aquatic vegetation extends in the shallows both on the right and left side of the launch. The rest of the pond supports little vegetation or structure. The shoreline is heavily wooded and only has a handful of houses, which provides a real sense of “remoteness”. I reach the pond at 5 pm and paddle out to fish the sparsely vegetated flats to the left of the boat launch using a 5” soft stickbait rigged “Texas style”. I notice a nice drop-off at the outer edges of the vegetation line and catch my first largemouth bass (13”) in that area within a few minutes.


View of the shoreline of Moose Pond

I also throw my bait next to a nearby floating jumping platform and catch my second fish (12”) on the first cast. I catch another three bass over the next 15 minutes. Woow, there’re some fish in this pond! Although the bass I caught this afternoon are small (11”-14”), I suspect that the big ones are sitting at the bottom of the drop-offs. Unfortunately, I’ve got to move on to my next pond. But I will return to further explore Moose Pond in the future.






The results: five largemouth bass (largest = 14”) in 25 minutes.


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