Hello! I just wanted to say that I love your website! It’s helped me out big time since coming to school in Maine.

Thanks Stan, I always like to check in with someone who knows. I love your site. It provides a lot of helpful info. My fly rod always goes with me so I’ll be hoping for a warm spring. Thanks again!

Great blog entry. Thanks for sharing, and congrats to the young ones who caught their share of “eating fish.” I miss having the opportunity to ice fish, living in Virginia. But I appreciate the opportunity to live vicariously through your adventures.

Hi Stan, I was on Savade Pond this morning and saw you out there. I kept saying to myself, that’s gotta be the guy from the blog, he’s doing everything that the blog says to do! We laughed and thought it was funny, but it was you! Thanks for all the tips, I read them all and use them with success,

Totally awesome fishing!! Love reading about your experiences!

Hi! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing these articles and information. Wanting to do more fishing and not having a mentor other than reading, trial and error, I find your web site to be a great resource and motivational to getting out there!

Stan – wanted to leave a quick message thanking you for your posts and insight. Your attention to detail and willingness to share knowledge clearly accumulated through years of pursuing a passion for angling is much appreciated by the fishing community. Keep up the great work and perhaps we’ll cross paths on the water someday.

Your blog often fills in important gaps in my fishing technique and destination research. Maine fishermen are lucky to have your help to sort out which of the myriad of waters in Maine to fish!

Great blog! I just found your site and bookmarked it. I love your motto (If I fish it, I blog about it!), so many fishing blogs are not kept up to date.

I had fun reading your report “Ten fabulous largemouth bass ponds in southern Oxford County” as I have fished every one of these ponds. In one of them this summer I caught my biggest Maine bass (8 pounds)!!

Hi, I just found your site. Awesome! I live in the Portland area, and it is hard for me to get away for long fishing trips. I’ve been looking for info on places within 60-90 minutes of town, and until now I was always skunked (ever noticed how most fishermen don’t like to share data on good places?). Many thanks. Your blog is terrific!

I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog. I ride my ATV around Wards Pond quite a bit and always wondered if it held fish. I looked over some of your other posts and they were very helpful as well. Thanks for a good blog about local fishing spots.

Thanks for all the work you do with the blog. It’s turned into one of my favorite tools to decide which pond to try next.

You guys are doing a great job; enjoying every bit of your site! Thanks for sharing!

Hi, came upon your website by chance, and love it by the way. I fish for bass from a kayak and am always looking for new out of the way spots to try. Keep up the good work!

I loved all the information on your blog! I found it all helpful to me. Some of it was new and some of it was a refresher, which is just as good. So, thank you and please keep sharing your wisdom. Much appreciated.

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make these blogs! My son and I are new to bass fishing and I love your reviews of these ponds, whereas I’m not too familiar with different fishing spots. So keep up the great work and thank you!

Your blog is great, simple, informative, and relatable. Thanks!!

Stan, Thank you very much for your bass ponds blogs. I’d driven by Moose Pond several times but never stopped to fish. Today I followed your advice and Wow!! I lost count after about 10 bass but I think I caught about two dozen in a little over four hours. It’s been years since I’ve caught that many fish in such a short amount of time. Thank you. I plan on hitting the other ponds on your list soon.

Hi, I found your blog on fishing in Maine; love the no non-sense approach! Thank you.

My 16-year old son and I found your website to be very informative and helpful. We plan on hitting each of the ponds in your blog titled “Eight Fabulous Largemouth Bass Ponds in York County” before the end of the summer. We are always looking for places like these to put our inflatable in. Thanks again for doing the research and providing us with the results.

Stan, just discovered your website yesterday. Great writing and tips! Thanks for this site!

I love how you provide a map for each pond with a slight description! It was very helpful and insightful! Thanks for sharing!
Caryl Anne

I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve put into your web site and, in particular, the 8 fabulous largemouth bass ponds in York County that you listed. I recently moved to southern Maine and have been exploring the area for bass sports. I’ve fished 5 out of the 8 ponds and have not yet been disappointed!

This is an interesting website if you are a fisherman or woman. Some amazing information on this site.
Anonymous, Facebook

I love the information you share on the trout stocking in Kennebec county because most of the brook trout ponds listed are close to my home! I will be sure to get my kayak on some of those ponds. I am a fly fisher and hopefully I will have some good days on the water.

Hey there, whoever is reading this, I really want to thank you for your blog. Maine is a great state with a lot of water to fish, and having previews of where I’m going is really awesome. Your article about the 8 fabulous largemouth bass ponds in York County has me itching for ice out! I’m planning on buying a kayak soon and knowing that I have some small ponds to explore has me pumped for warmer weather. So anyway, thanks for doing this blog! I just subscribed. Happy fishing!

I love this website you have created, almost everything written on here I have proven myself. Keep up the good work.

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