TOP brook trout ponds for the 2014 ice fishing season in Washington County, Maine

For the purpose of this blog, I’ll define a brook trout pond as a body of water less than 50 acres in size which is stocked in the fall with hatchery-reared brook trout to support ice fishing.  These small ponds freeze over early in the season and are typically safe to fish several weeks before the bigger lakes become accessible.  This provides a real opportunity for hot early-season action for those of us (myself included!) who just can’t wait to catch brookies through the ice.

The TOP brook trout ponds for the 2014 ice fishing season in Washington County are highlighted below (in alphabetical order).  A pond is considered “top” based on its stocking density: the more trout are stocked per acre, the higher the chances of catching them.

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The Hottest Brook Trout Ponds for the Spring of 2013 in Washington County, Maine

This blog identifies the ponds in Washington County, Maine that provide the best odds of catching brook trout during the spring of 2013.  Many of the target ponds are below 30 acres and are therefore relatively small.  Some of these ponds could be fished from shore, but most are best fished from a canoe or other small craft.  The fishing action on these bodies of water can be fast and furious in the spring.  Trout activity typically peaks between late April and early June, after which the bite slows down due to rising surface water temperatures.

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Best ice fishing ponds for catching large trout in Washington County, Maine (winter of 2013)

About fifteen ponds in Washington County, Maine, were stocked in the fall of 2012 with brook trout and brown trout to support ice fishing during the winter of 2013. Most of the stocked trout are relatively small (7” to 11”), but plentiful, in order to provide fast action on the ice.

The state also spices-up several of these ponds with bigger trout, which I define here as fish measuring 12” or more. This blog highlight the ponds (presented in alphabetical order) in Washington County where ice fishermen have the best odds of catching those larger fish. It is recommended to consult the latest law book (available here) about special ice fishing rules that may apply on the ponds described below.  Note also that the list excludes “kids only” ponds.

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