Trout fishing on Little Penneseewassee Pond, Norway, Maine (January 20, 20123)

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Little Penneseewassee Pond is a 96-acre body of water located alongside Route 118 in Norway, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 10 D5). Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information.


My son Joel and I arrive at Little Penneseewassee Pond at 8:15 am. The fishing conditions are perfect this morning: the air temperature is 18°F but without an atom of wind, the rising sun is hidden behind the trees which cast deep shadows along the entire shoreline, the ice is a solid 12” with 4” of snow on top, and a low pressure is forecast to move through the region later on in the day.  Joel calls up a depth map of the pond on his cell phone; it shows a relatively narrow band of shallow water running along the Route 118 shoreline, wich is flanked by a very steep drop to a depth of 24 ft. The deepest spot of the lake is 29 ft.

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