Landlocked salmon fishing on Peabody Pond, Sebago, Maine (April 15, 2012)

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Joel and I arrive at Peabody Pond (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 4 B4) at 7:30 this morning to fish for landlocked Atlantic salmon. This 735-acre jewel of a lake (maximum depth = 64 ft) in the town of Sebago is located off Route 107 and is accessed via Peabody Pond Road. The launch ramp is concrete. Plenty of parking is available. Even though Peabody Pond is heavily developed on its western and northern shorelines, it gives the impression of a “remote” lake due to the looming presence of Bald Pate Mountain in the background. It is definitely a pretty setting. The lake is also known to produce high-quality landlocks because it supports a healthy population of rainbow smelt which allows the salmon to grow fast, big, and fat. The fact that the pond is closed to ice fishing also protects the salmon population from excessive fishing pressure in the winter. I landed a five pounder here in 2011 and know of a 6.5 pounder and a 8.0 pounder caught the year before… But I also know from experience that these fish require a lot of work to be caught!

The weather is actually too nice for the kind of fish we’re targeting this morning: bright sunshine, temps in the low 50’s and a gentle southern breeze which just ripples the surface of the lake. We troll for 4 hours with live smelts and Mooselook spoons placed 5 to 10 ft down the water column using our downriggers. That effort yields only one scrawny 14″ salmon : (


We chat with a guy at the boat launch on our way out. Upon inquiring on how he did this morning, he casually points to his net by the water’s edge, which contains a GORGEOUS 26″ (6 lbs) salmon!! Clearly, Peabody produced but Joel and I were just putting in our time this morning…

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The results: I caught one 14” landlocked salmon in 4 hours of fishing.


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