Largemouth bass fishing on Sebago Lake, Naples, Maine (September 2, 2012)

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I’m meeting up with my family at Sebago Lake State Park in Naples. They are spending the long Labor Day weekend camping. I’m dropping by at 5: 30 pm to go fishing for largemouth bass on Sebago Lake with my son Joel for a few hours. We launch his boat from the beach and motor around Thompson Point, past Witch Cove and towards the thoroughfare to Sebago Cove under Route 114. Our goal is to hit the set of boat docks across from Camp Mataponi. We arrive around 6 pm and start pitching 5” soft stickbaits against and underneath the docks and in the emergent aquatic vegetation which grows abundantly in the shallows on the backside. Joel catches a 15” largemouth on his very first cast, which is quite exciting. We hit the docks pretty hard but do not get another bite for 30 minutes.


A nice Sebago Lake largemouth bass

A nice Sebago Lake largemouth bass

We then focus our attention on the two individual docks along the shoreline, and the surrounding aquatic vegetation, but again without triggering a single bite. We move back towards the big dock complex and keep on pounding the structure. I toss my stickbait in the joint between the main walkway and one of the side docks. I suddenly feel that my lure has been gulped in. I don’t even feel the bite; it’s just that I have a lot of moving weight at the other end of the line! I immediately set the hook and am greeted with an explosive run which quickly strips line from my reel. The fish jumps clear out of the water. My goodness, this is a big one! He takes another run towards the dock but I turn him. He then shoots towards the back of the boat and the running engine, but I succeed in turning him again before he wraps himself in the propeller… The fish gives up and I land him. He’s a beautiful 20” largemouth with a very extended belly. The fish gave me a great fight and he gets released to be caught another day. We fish for another 45 minutes without much success, but it really don’t care because I’ve kept smiling all along…

The results: I caught one 20” largemouth bass and Joel caught one 15” largemouth bass.


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