Flyfishing for brook trout on Dixon Pond, Somerset County, Maine (May 28, 2012).

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Dixon Pond is a 17-acre body of water nestled on the flank of Pierce Pond Mountain in Pierce Pond Township (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 30 A1). The pond is remarkably deep for its small size, with a maximum depth of 55 ft. The only way to reach this little jewel is to hike up to it from Pierce Pond via a forest trail. The pond supports a healthy population of native brook trout.

I tie my boat just passed the Caribou Narrows on Middle Pierce Pond and hike the 25-minute to the pond by myself. I love Dixon Pond: its beauty, total isolation, forested surroundings, and fiesty brook trout. The trout don’t get big (the largest one I have caught in this pond over the years was 13″) but eagerly take dry flies. In fact, flyfishing is the only legal way to fish the pond, which suits me just fine.

I unlock one of canoes from Cobb’s Camp and paddle across to where Pierce Pond Mountain plunges into the pond. That steep bank is lined with downed trees, which offer great hiding places for the fish. The trout don’t disappoint: I catch nine of them on dry flies in two hours and miss another half-a-dozen strikes. But all the fish I hook today are small (5″ to 8″ in length) which is not an unusual pattern for this pond.

I pass two other Cobb’s camp guests on my way out who are going up to fish Dixon Pond in the afternoon. I catch up with them over diner at the lodge. They tell me that they had luck casting dry flies over rises in the middle of the pond in 40+ ft of water! This tactic worked for them because it was wind-still which prevented the canoe from drifting away. I’ll definitely keep that approach in mind for my next trip to Dixon Pond!

 The results: I caught nine small wild brookies in two hours of fly fishing.


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