Brook trout fishing on Churchill Lake, Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine (May 16, 2012)

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Day 3: It rained non-stop from yesterday 4 pm until 4 am this morning. Everything is wet and damp. Joel and I are back on the Churchill Lake thoroughfare (called Heron Lake; see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 56 A1), at 6:15 am to try our luck one more time. We only have about 4 hours to fish before we need to start packing up at 10:30 am to drive back home. We discuss our options and decide to go after brook trout by the ledges near the camp site, instead of motoring up-lake for 30 minutes to fish for lake trout in the deep part of Churchill Lake.

We troll for 2 hours over the ledges and all the way up to Churchill Dam without a bite. We constantly change our lures with all the ones that caught fish yesterday and the day before but our scaly friends aren’t budging. This is the right time to try the lures we never use… In desperation, Joel passes me a 2.5″ thick silver spoon with a pink plastic cover that runs through the middle and contains little beats that rattle. He pulls out an identical lure, but in bronze color. He’s had these lures for years and never fished them. The hooks are rusted.


The results, at least for me, are immediate. I catch one brookie within 5 minutes and another one 10 minutes later!! But Joel’s bronze-colored spoon remains fishless… Fish really have a mind of their own. I end the morning with 3 brook trout to Joel’s 2 by the time we have to return to break down camp. We keep two of those beauties for dinner tonight.


No one complains and life is good!


The results: I caught 3 brook trout ranging in size from 12” to 14” in 4 hours of fishing.


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