Largemouth bass fishing on Weary Pond, Whitefield, Maine (September 18, 2016)

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View of Wearey Pond looking north

View of Wearey Pond looking north

Weary Pond is a 42-acre body of water located in Whitefield, Maine (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 13 D2). I try to reach this pond by driving south on Weary Pond Road off Hilton Road in North Whitefield. Weary Pond Road is rough and unimproved. I have to turn around after driving for about half a mile when I hit a stretch that is too bouldery for my little front wheel-drive car. I successfully reach my intended destination by driving north for 0.8 miles on Weary Pond Road off Jewett Lane in Whitefield. Jewett Lane is a solid four-season gravel road, whereas Weary Pond Road from this end is still unmaintained and rough but passable with a normal car. The pond becomes visible on the right through the trees. Park your vehicle as best as possible on the side of the forest trail. A boat launch is not available. Hence, only hand-carried craft can be used and need to be transported for about 300 ft or so through the woods from the road to the pond. But the destination is well worth the effort!!




This shoreline has little bass holding structure

This shoreline has little bass holding structure



Weary Pond is a great find. The pond is relatively isolated due to its challenging access.  I notice only three small seasonal camps discretely hidden in the woods, with only a single dock visible from the water. The surrounding region is completely forested. Hints of fall are also present: some of the maple leaves are starting to show reddish hues. The surface water has the color of very weak tea but is otherwise clear. The substrate along the shoreline consists mostly of boulders and bedrock, some of it overlain by a thin layer of muck. The one striking feature is the general lack of aquatic vegetation along the shoreline, except at the northern and southern ends of the pond, and it isn’t luxurious even there. I suspect that the lack of plant life is in response to the hard substrate along the edges and because the water gains depth quickly away from the shoreline. That makes for poor largemouth bass holding habitat. The lack of structure is partially mitigated by the presence of a fair amount of dead branches and trees that have fallen in the water and accumulated there over time. The bass fishing regulations fall under the General Law provisions. The pond has a maximum and mean depth of 18 ft and 11 ft, respectively. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information.


The southern end of the pond has some shallow areas with a bit more aquatic vegetation

The southern end of the pond has some shallow areas with a bit more aquatic vegetation

I reach Weary Pond a little before 3 pm and paddle off 20 minutes later. I’ll be fishing by myself this afternoon. I’m immediately taken by the sense of isolation, quiet surroundings enhanced by a multitude of chirping crickets, and lack of visual “pollution” caused by multi-colored shore houses, boats, and docks. This setting is entirely to my liking! I’m also the only one on the water, which is always a nice bonus in my book. The weather is pleasant too: warm (75°F), sticky, and mostly overcast with a light southwestern breeze. I take no chances and pile up several boulders in the front of the canoe as counterweight and to provide boat control in the wind. I begin by fishing the shallow and vegetated inlet area at the southern end of the pond using a buzzbait and 5” soft pink stickbait. A fish sucks in the stickbait on the second cast but drops the lure. I hook and land my first largemouth bass ten minutes later. Great, the scaly denizens of the pond are active this afternoon. I let the breeze push me downwind along the eastern shore. I hit all the bass-holding structure I come across: overhanging tree branches, patches of aquatic vegetation, sunken wood, boulders. The action is steady over the next hour or so, yielding another three largemouth bass measuring 11”-14”. I also hook but miss over half dozen more bass, all of which fall within that same size range.


That's the general size of the largemouth bass I caught this afternoon. The fish were numerous but on the small side.

That’s the general size of the largemouth bass I caught this afternoon. The fish were numerous but on the small side.

I have fished my way almost to the other end of Weary Pond by the outlet. I’m really enjoying my time on this water and would like to stay for the evening bite. Unfortunately, I have to turn around and head back home to attend a family function. I tie a floating Rapalla to my line and slowly paddle upwind right up against the shoreline towards the put-in location. I like this trolling tactic when fishing from my canoe. Since I have no motor and have to paddle back anyway, I may as well keep a lure in the water as long as possible and catch more fish! And the approach works: I hook and land two more small largemouths. I also notice a brown moth-like bug fluttering right over the water surface 40 ft in front of the canoe, and a hungry bass underneath trying to grab it for a snack! The bass makes three attempts but misses. I toss the stickbait right on top of the fish and feel immediate tension as it grabs the lure and swims away. I set the hook and fight the fish for 10 seconds before it unhooks. I just LOVE this kind of sight fishing!


Weary Pond is a hidden jewel, and I highly recommend checking it out. Although one may not catch monster fish, the largemouth bass population appears robust and the fish are willing biters. The surroundings are quite pleasing and you will most likely have the pond all to yourself.


The results: I caught 6 largemouth bass (largest =14”) and missed over half a dozen other fish in one and a half hours of delightful fishing.


Was the information in this blog useful? I invite you to share your thoughts and opinions. Also, feel free to discuss your fishing experiences at this location.


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