Largemouth bass fishing on Mosher Pond, Fayette, Maine (September 26, 2015)

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View of Mosher Pond from the access point off Chesterville Ridge Road

View of Mosher Pond from the access point off Chesterville Ridge Road

Mosher Pond (a.k.a. Lane’s Pond) is a 76-acre body of water located in the town of Fayette (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 12 A1). One access point I found is located on Chesterville Ridge Road (also called Mosher Pond Road in Google Maps) at the very southern tip of the pond. Only small hand-carried craft can be launched from this point. Plenty of parking is available alongside the road.








A pretty view of Mosher Pond

A pretty view of Mosher Pond

Mosher Pond is a picturesque elongated pond located towards the northern fringes of Kennebec County. The surrounding watershed is completely forested. I do not notice any houses (except for one small trailer) or boats along the shoreline. Its easy access from the road, lack of dwellings, inability to accommodate the launching of power boats, and relative isolation makes this pond a desirable destination for those of us who cherish fishing in solitude from a canoe or kayak. The only negative is the presence of the Chesterville Ridge Road. Although it is a lightly-travelled secondary thoroughfare, its closeness to the pond means that the noise generated by vehicles driving by carries over the water and impinges on the sense of seclusion. The surface water is lightly stained but otherwise clear. The substrate is a mixture of solid or mucky bottom, depending on location. Aquatic vegetation is concentrated in certain spots along the shoreline and around a small island in the middle of the pond, but is otherwise sparse. I notice little submerged wood. The pond has a maximum and mean depth of 32 ft and 14 ft, respectively, and is therefore relatively deep. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information.  The bass fishing rules fall under the general fishing regulations (click here for more details).





It took me well over one hour to locate this guy!

It took me well over one hour to locate this guy!

I reach Mosher Pond with my 12-year old nephew Christian around noon. The sun is blazing high up in the blue sky and a light breeze wafts in from the northeast. The air temperature has risen agreeably into the upper 60’s. Hints of red colors are appearing in the surrounding landscape as the maple trees are preparing to shed their leaves a few short weeks. We’re experiencing a gorgeous early-fall day on the water and I love it! We paddle upwind so that the breeze can push us slowly back without the need to constantly fight it. The only concern I have with this setup is that it is early afternoon on a bright sunny day, which makes it tough to find largemouth bass. We concentrate our efforts in the few remaining pockets of shadow along the eastern shoreline. It takes over one hour of continuous fishing using buzzbaits and soft stick baits to finally generate a strike and for Christian to land the first bass in the boat. This one came from a shallow weedy area. Another hour of hard fishing yields three largemouth bass for me, one of which is caught in the weeds around the small island. So, the bass are definitely there but weary of the sunshine.




The small island in the middle of the pond is surrounded by shallows and aquatic vegetation

The small island in the middle of the pond is surrounded by shallows and much aquatic vegetation

Overall, I’m impressed with Mosher Pond. The fishing was arduous, but that wasn’t unexpected given the bright conditions. The surroundings are pleasant and we had the pond all to ourselves. The easy access and the lack of power boats are a definite plus. The occasional road noise creates a temporary distraction, but which does not take away from the general attractiveness of the place. I highly recommend spending time to explore this pond further.



The results: I caught three largemouth bass (largest = 15”), whereas Christian caught one largemouth bass (largest = 16”) in two hours of hard fishing.


Was the information in this blog useful? I invite you to share your thoughts and opinions. Also, feel free to discuss your fishing experiences at this location.


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