The hottest trout fishing ponds for spring 2014 in northwestern New Jersey

This blog identifies the ponds in northwestern New Jersey that provide the best odds of catching trout during the spring of 2014. For the purpose of this blog, northwestern New Jersey covers Morris, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren counties. The fishing action on these bodies of water can be fast and furious in the spring. Trout activity typically peaks for three or four weeks between mid-April and mid-May, after which the bite slows down due to rising surface water temperatures.

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Best ice fishing ponds for catching lunker trout in Maine (winter of 2014)

The state releases part of its trout brood stock every fall to create some real and unexpected excitement on the ice. In most cases, though, too few of these huge fish are present such that catching one of them falls into the category of plain-old luck. In a few select ponds, however, enough of these fish were released in the fall of 2013 that it would make sense to target them specifically.

For this blog, I define a “lunker trout” as measuring between 19” and 24”. Such a fish would weigh between 3.0 and 6.0 lbs depending on its size, which would make anyone’s ice fishing day! I also defined the minimum stocking density where it becomes worth targeting these fish as around 0.3 fish per acre of pond. This value represents the average stocking density for landlocked salmon throughout Maine.

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Six fabulous largemouth bass ponds in Cumberland County, Maine

Fishing for largemouth bass is a cherished summer activity for many fishermen in southern Maine. The desired quietness and loneliness, however, can be rudely impacted by the unwelcome hustle and bustle of jet skiers, swimmers, speed boaters, other fishermen, general shore activity, or busy road traffic.

My goal was to find, and share with you, hidden largemouth bass fishing spots scattered throughout Cumberland County. I focused on small ponds less than about 50 acres in size, located off the beaten track but still readily accessible by car (no need for 4X4 driving or hiking through the woods!). I also avoided ponds with excessive shore development. A small motorized boat could be launched on a few of these ponds, but most are fishable only by hand-carried craft, such as a canoe or kayak.

This selection process ensures that you will likely be fishing all by yourself in unspoiled, quiet, natural surroundings. The ponds are also small enough that they can be covered in a lazy afternoon or a long summer evening. Finally, I fished each one of them to ensure that they contain largemouth bass, which they did! Click here for an overview of the lures I like to use on these fish and click here to review the fishing rules that may apply on these ponds. I’ve also identified fabulous largemouth bass ponds in York County, south coastal Maine, and southern Oxford County.

And the fabulous ponds for Cumberland County are (in alphabetical order)….

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