Largemouth bass fishing on Killick Pond, Hollis, Maine (August 8, 2012)

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Access point by the outlet of Killick Pond on Berube Lane

Killick Pond is located off Killick Pond Road or Sand Pond Road in Hollis (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 4 E4). The pond can be accessed with some difficulty from several directions, two of which are described below: (1) Take Route 35 (Bonny Eagle Road) south and turn right on Killick Pond Road. After about 1 mile, turn right on Berube Lane (an improved dirt road).  Pass the Poland Spring plant on the left, the high-voltage lines, and the “Killick Pond Wildlife Management Area” panel. The road narrows and becomes rough as it enters the woods. The pond outlet is about 0.2 miles further down on the left. Only hand-carried crafts can be launched from this access point. Beware of the gate at the beginning of Berube Lane. It was open when I checked out the area in late afternoon but I do not know if it is closed at some point in the evening. (2) Take Route 35 (Bonny Eagle Road) south and turn right on Sand Pond Road just after crossing the Saco River. Drive on Sand Pond Road for about 2.3 miles before turning left on Old Stage Road (an improved dirt road).




Beware that the access point at the end of Promised Lane is very steep!

Beware that the access point at the end of Promised Lane is very steep!



Stay on this road for 0.1 mile before turning right on Brick Tavern Lane (an improved dirt road). Stay on Brick Tavern Lane for 0.4 miles (always bear right), pass underneath the high-voltage lines, and turn left on Promised Lane (an unmarked and unimproved dirt road) about 150 ft after the high voltage-lines. Stay on this road for 0.3 miles (bear right at the two splits). Promised Lane is quite rough, but drivable all the way to where it ends at a fire pit. The pond is about 200 ft further down. Only hand-carried crafts can be launched from this access point. It is well-worth the effort of getting on Killick Pond!! This picturesque 45-acre water body is completely undeveloped and surrounded by woods. Only two houses are located along its shoreline. Because of the difficult access, the pond is lightly fished and devoid of motorized craft.


General View of Killick Pond

One gets the impression of experiencing a truly remote pond, even though it is located only 25 miles outside of Portland! The pond also feels much bigger than its surface area would suggest, because it is rather narrow but over one mile long. Killick Pond has a maximum depth of 12 ft but is much shallower on average. Only sparse floating and emergent aquatic vegetation occurs along most of its shoreline, except at the two ends of the ponds. Other structure includes tree stumps, submerged branches, and shrubs around the shoreline. The substrate consists mostly of fine sand. The water is slightly stained. Overall, this habitat is made for largemouth bass!I reach Killick Pondat 6:30 pm and concentrate my fishing on structure along the shoreline. The sun has already disappeared behind the tree line and so I’m expecting the largemouth bass to move into the shallows.



Killick Pond is quiet and beautiful!

I do not get a bite for 15 minutes until I see a rise 30 ft to me left. I toss my 5” soft stickbait at the expanding ripples on the water and am rewarded with an immediate strike. I set the hook and tussle with a feisty 15” largemouth. That’s a good sign! I continue fishing with the stickbait, the spinnerbait, and the “Hoola Popper” (a surface lure) but only catch one more largemouth bass (12”) next to a half-submerged tree trunk over the next one hour, which is somewhat disappointing. On my way back to the launch, I talk to two locals fishing from a canoe who tell me that the pond is loaded with bass and that the largest size is around 3-4 lbs. I’ll be back to spend more time exploring this hidden gem.



The result: Two largemouth bass (largest = 15”) in 1.5 hours of fishing      


Peaceful does it...

Peaceful does it…

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3 thoughts on “Largemouth bass fishing on Killick Pond, Hollis, Maine (August 8, 2012)

  1. Took two kayaks to this pond yesterday. I used a Teeny Wee Craw and hit a mess of yellow perch on this pond. Also landed a few large mouth and a few chain pick’s. Between my wife and I, roughly 22 fish total in 3 hours, and all within 100 yards of the launch.

    Beautiful pond for sure, but I was unaware of the incredibly steep drop from the promised lane end of the road to the pond. Also, this dirt road is very narrow, Our subie + kayaks took some beating on the way back there.

    • Yes, you are right to specify that it’s a steep (and sandy) trail from the end of Promised Lane down to the pond. I remember hauling my canoe back up to the car and it was quite a workout. It’s good to hear that Killick Pond yielded up all those fish in the immediate vicinity of the launch. That’s awesome! Hopefully, we’ll hear from others about fishing success elsewhere on this most pretty of ponds.

  2. Thianks for posting some info on the pond. I’d like to check it out myself. Is it possible for one person to wheel a 12′ yak down to the launch?

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