Largemouth bass fishing on Deer Pond, Hollis, Maine (August 11, 2012)

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Deer Pond is located right off busy Route 117 in Hollis (see The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer map 2 A5). Access to the pond is via a small public gravel ramp from Route 117 at the southern end of the pond. The ramp is squeezed between two private properties (look for a long, brown fence). This launch can accommodate small trailered boats, but parking is limited to one or two cars. The shoulder on Route 117 is available for more parking.




View of the houses and camps along the eastern shoreline of Deer Pond

View of the houses and camps along the eastern shoreline of Deer Pond



Deer Pond has a surface area of 32 acres and is quite deep for its size (maximum depth = 56 ft).  Much of the shoreline is dotted with camps and year-round houses. The undeveloped portion is wooded. Most of the floating and emergent aquatic vegetation is concentrated in the area around the boat launch and the southern part of the pond. The rest of the shallow areas around the pond are relatively devoid of habitat or structure, except for the dozen or so docks associated with the camps. The water is  dark colored and the substrate appears to consist mostly of sand and gravel. Click here for a depth map and more fisheries information.


View along the southern shoreline of Deer Pond

I reach the pond at 7 pm and start fishing around the weeds using my trusted 5” soft stickbait rigged “Texas style”. I immediately catch a small largemouth bass, which is encouraging. I continue probing the weed beds along the southern and western shoreline and catch another two small largemouth bass (< 12”), but miss several more over the next 40 minutes. None have any size to them. Darkness starts to set in and I paddle back towards the launch when I see numerous rises. I concentrate on casting my stickbait to these rises and succeed in catching two more small largemouth bass. Overall, I’m not terribly impressed with the fishing tonight: the bass are invariably small, the traffic on Route 117 is constant, and the shoreline is noisy.



The results: Five largemouth bass (all < 12”) caught in one and a quarter hour.


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